Reefer Moonlight by Bonete and Full Moon Master

13-page color pay-comic: Paje decided to buy some new reefer on the market that is supposedly dusted with moon dust. Unfortunately for her smoking it under a full moon will have unintended consequences.

Hunter’s Moon by TheTigress and Tetanus

6-part color sequence: Man turns into a werewolf

Ginger Snaps by Bruno Díaz, Akriel, and Locofuria

20-page color comic: Brigitte and Ginger Fitzgerald are teenage sisters who harbor a fascination with death and, as children, formed a pact to die together. One night, while on the way to kidnapping a dog owned by classmate Trina Sinclair, the girls are attacked by the paranormal creature responsible for the maulings. The creature wounds Ginger, but Brigitte rescues her. Following the attack, Ginger undergoes physical and mental transformations that concern Brigitte.