Dear Dairy by F-SS

6-page color comic: Anthro cow grows bigger breasts and an udder

Love on the Plains by Blackshirtboy

23-page color comic: On the endless plains a young farm girl is hoping for some “alone time” with her equine boyfriend, safe from her horse-hating parents. However their romantic weekend alone quickly becomes something far more than she bargained for and her life will be changed forever.

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Bovine Blunder by Olympic-Dames, Zdemian and fairy-of-fetishes (Produced by Fairy Fetish Studio)

10-page color comic: Sometimes, there are few things better than a nice, tall glass of cold milk. Of course, when your roommate happens to be an inventor in need of a test subject, that refreshing glass of milk might turn out to be more than you bargained for.

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Fashion Pageant Contestant by Jacques00 and Thrandrall

6-part color sequence: Women transforms into a voluptuous tree-human with an udder and 4 breasts

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