She Got Gamma! by BarretXIII and Homanop

3-part color sequence: Woman transforms into a ridiculously busty She Hulk

Ganon’s Bitch by Albatross and Reifer

3-part color sequence: Ganon from the Legend of Zelda transforms into a hairy, big-boobed, bimbo with a gigantic dripping cock

Extra Credit by Watsup, StilettoPink, and MrDylena

4 page color comic: Boy turns into a busty futa succubus while having sex with his teacher.

Malena Lechied by Synthean

7-part color sequence: Woman turns into a green monster with a huge cock.—A—B—C

The Formula by Turtlechan and Sephzero

3-page color comic: Woman turns into a busty green monster