Wendy Wonka and the Pregnant Belly by Okayokayokay and Bprofessional

3 page color comic: Woman becomes very pregnant




Wendy Wonka and the Fetish Factory – Issue 3: Age Chamber by Okayokayokok and B-ridge

11-page color comic: A boy regresses into a baby and is unborn. His mom then regresses into a girl herself.



  • Detailed, well-executed transformations


  • The case of the missing nipples still hasn’t been solved

5 Stars

Rituals at Sunset by Lunate

5-part color sequence: 3 women turn into anthro snake women. One gets pregnant.






Commission – The Worst Halloween Ever by Blankage

The following story was written as a commission. If you would like a commission of your own, please email me at blankage1 [at] gmail [dot] com or message me at Deviantart or Furaffinity


Halloween was Oliver’s favorite time of the year. He loved wearing a costume and staying up late. He loved Jack-o’-lanterns and haunted houses. But most of all, he loved candy.

He and his best friend Natalie both dressed up as characters from the movie Frozen and headed out on their usual route around the neighborhood. At thirteen, they were both getting a little old for trick-or-treating, but tons of free candy was too good to pass up. Their respective moms tagged along, alternately chatting with each other and looking at their cell phones.

By eight o’clock, Oliver’s bag was already almost full. The haul was good tonight, and it only seemed to be getting better. Maybe that’s why Oliver insisted that they visit the scary house at the end of the block.

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