Status Ailment by Alabatross and Bandichar

6-part color sequence: Woman turns into an extremely grotesque cock-monster—One—Two—Three—Four—Five—Five.Five

Teef 2 by Ripperelite, Blackshirtboy, and Tharakaos (Produced by Perfectly Normal Productions)

Six color pinups & three 7-page black and white comics for a total of 27 pages: Girl transforms into anthro mouse, guy transforms into female anthro bunny, and girl transforms into anthro cow, in three separate comics.


  • Gets right to the transformation!


  • Rough edges in some of the writing and art

A Bad Deal by Albatross

2-part color sequence: Man is transformed into a herm bimbo.—Part-One—Part-Two

To Have and to Hold by Seneca and MacRome (Produced by Expansion Fan)

30-page color comic: The magic of Ana Bittan’s engagement ring enlarges her breasts only until she’s legally married. But an error by a new pastor means her marriage to Ryan Bittan isn’t legal. Her breasts are already gigantic, and, while things get sorted out and Ana learns to deal with her increasing size, her boobs just keep growing … and growing … and growing …

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The Blooming of Bonnie by BustArtist

36,000 word illustrated novella: Eighteen-year-old Bonnie only just found out about the true nature of sex when her friend decides to teach the shy girl upon her ascension into adulthood. But she soon finds out to her shock, that when she gets sexually excited, her breasts grow — and can grow quite big.

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Change Candy by okayokayokok and Gen-awesome

4-page color comic: 2 boys transform into women who then turn into other bizarre forms  including a cow-human

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