Like a New Man by Sayuncle and Tetanus

5-page color comic: Man turns into a big-dicked monster

Transformational Geographic Issue 1 by Wat and Little Napolean

14-page color comic and short article with 10 captioned pictures: Woman transforms into a female anthro dragon after stealing cursed treasure


  • Unique concept and back story
  • Very high resolution
  • Includes PDF and PNG images
  • Extremely detailed transformation


  • [none]

5 Stars

Give Them Eyes to See by Malakim

12,000 word short story: Volosasz, a cunning but conflicted displacer-beast gryphon, stalks the surface at the behest of shadowy, ruthless subterranean masters. His latest target, an elven priestess of a surface goddess known as the Pure Lady, proves to be more than he expected after he abducts her for the centerpiece to a dreadful magic ritual.