Strange Book by Barretxiii

3-page color sequence: Shemale grows massive boobs and a huge, veiny cock

Were-Bimbo by Vitalis and Full Moon Master

10-page color comic: Taylor Swift and Katherine McPhee transform into bimbos


  • Very detailed transformations


  • Expensive
  • Well-worn concept by this point


Two-Way Trip Issue 1 by Ripper Elite and John Dylena

9-page color comic: But when Katie takes the drug Bimbozol and slips another into the mouth of her boyfriend, she unknowingly starts a series of events that would either strengthen their relationship, or end it

Mind Games by Albatross and Lim90

4-part color sequence: Woman transforms into a bimbo.—One—Two—Three—Four

Leprechaun Style Expansion by Lord Altros and Marty Mccool

3-part color sequence: Woman expands.