Teef 2 by Ripperelite, Blackshirtboy, and Tharakaos (Produced by Perfectly Normal Productions)

Six color pinups & three 7-page black and white comics for a total of 27 pages: Girl transforms into anthro mouse, guy transforms into female anthro bunny, and girl transforms into anthro cow, in three separate comics.



  • Gets right to the transformation!


  • Rough edges in some of the writing and art

Devilry Delivery by Vitalis and SymphonieDN

2-page color comic: Woman transforms into a demon


Tera the Succubi Shoe Seller by Kris P. Kreme and Andrea & Ale (Produced by Bimbo Story Club)

7,000 word short story: Tera is a succubi and as such knows how to see into the souls of both men and women. She may be part demoness but for much of the day in her current job, Tera keeps the horns and tail discreetly hidden and uses her beauty and charm to not just help the customers find what they need but have them leave fully satisfied in every way.

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