Becumming #3 by Bendzz

9-page color comic (larger than traditional pages): 3 women and 1 man turn into female furries (1 futa).


  • Wall-to-wall, beautifully rendered, detailed transformation


  • Expensive
  • Adding captions to dialogued comic panels feels counter-intuitive


Bimbosine by Falyne Varger and Full Moon Master

10-page color comic: Two women turn into bimbos in the back of a limousine.


  • Art looks good
  • High-resolution pages without dialogue is a nice touch


  • Expensive
  • Half-hearted writing with no real context provided
  • Numerous typographical errors


Shower Room Surprise by Witchking00 and Blankage (Produced by Healthy Fetish)

Preview 120-page color comic: Three high-school boys have been using an air vent to spy on their female classmates as they shower. Little do they know that one of the girls is a powerful sorceress who doesn’t appreciate being disrespected. She casts a spell on the boys that makes them question not only the wisdom of voyeurism, but their their very manhood.


Preview 2Preview 3