Fictional Creature

Wild in the Forest by Navetsea and Collateral Changes

21-page black and white comic: Woman turns into a hairy, muscular, sasquatch-like version of herself while her boyfriend switches genders to her hairy, curvaceous, sasquatch-like partner

Muscle Growth

Commission – The Long Inferno by Splatpixel and The Long Inferno

4-part color sequence: Woman grows larger and more muscular

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COMM Squeaker Giant by Tail-Blazer

11-second animation: Female, anthro mouse experiences some expansion


Primus Palus by Uniform Vixen and Real

4-part color sequence: Muscular futa, anthro dragon grows huge

Body Growth Breast Expansion

Naomi Hot Spring by Turtlechan and Sephzero

3-page color comic: Woman grows massively buxom and muscular

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Cindy Sequence by DARKoHORSE

5-part color sequence: Woman grows bustier and taller


DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 1, Episode 13 by Sarah Nicole Jones & Ray Utarnachitt (Produced by Berlanti Productions, Warner Bros. Television, and DC Entertainment)

Male live-action growth scene: Man grows into a giant

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Meta-Fiction Love Story by Dai and Valeyard Vince (Produced by Expansion Fan)

15-page color comic: An artist, unnaturally obsessed with a fictional woman of his creation, finds her coming out of drawing board as a living, breathing person!




  • Mediocre art
  • Nonsensical ending

Body Growth Muscle Growth

CM: Sephzero by halfro and Sephzero

4-part color sequence: Woman transforms into a red-skinned amazon

Body Growth

Project Overman by SaburoX (Produced by Giantess Club)

40-page black and white comic: In the summer of 1943, the remains of a downed USAF reconnaissance squadron were discovered by the United States military. The footage recovered from this squadron revealed the existence of ‘Project Jotunheim’. A sinister plot by the Nazi regime to create a new kind of human superweapon; an impervious giantess capable of untold amounts of destruction, all leading to the ultimate goal of world domination. The Allied war effort seems to be at a loss, until the prospect of fighting fire with fire is brought up…