Tigra to Cow TF by Foxey

5-second color animation: Anthro tiger swells into an anthro cow.
Breast Expansion Fictional Creature

Galactic Angel-Demon by Danger Cat

4-part color sequence: Innocent angel turns into a voluptuous demon

Bimbo Breast Expansion

[Bimboloon] Angela by Wren Zephry

4-image color sequence: Woman turns into a bimbo

Bimbo Female to Male Male to Female Uncategorized

iMaster 2 by PortalComic and Blankage (Produced by Healthy Fetish

20-page color comic: Frankie’s adventures with iMaster continue as he and Angela push the boundaries of the powerful app.

Male to Female

Glamourous by Not Zack for Work

21-page Patreon-exclusive TG comic: Man transforms into a female pop star.

Fictional Creature

Wild in the Forest by Navetsea and Collateral Changes

21-page black and white comic: Woman turns into a hairy, muscular, sasquatch-like version of herself while her boyfriend switches genders to her hairy, curvaceous, sasquatch-like partner

Breast Expansion

Untitled by Chelodoy

Short breast expansion animation: Woman gets thicker

My Works

The Dirty Camry by Blankage and Bobby

This car is not actually that dirty, Nicole thought. Her mom made it sound like she’d been off-roading or something, but there were just a few bugs splattered across the windshield of the shiny, silver Camry. Nicole gripped the hose tightly and frowned at the glimmering paint, blindingly bright in the midday sun. She was supposed to be studying for the trig test tomorrow. The mildly dirty car could’ve waited.

She circled the car as quickly as she could while the water from the hose roared against the steel. She held the nozzle far away from her body to avoid getting any excess spray on her jeans or her immaculately pressed Old Navy t-shirt. She hummed the first movement of Mozart’s second horn concerto to herself as she leaned forward to shoot water into the wheel wells of the car.

When she straightened, her next-door neighbor, James, was shuffling across the street with his gangly arms jammed wrist-deep into the pockets of his shorts. Not cool. His eyes shifted shyly between Nicole and the sopping Camry. He smiled. Nicole gave him a half-smile back that she hoped said, I’m happy to see you, but please don’t come over here right now. He kept walking towards her. She sighed.“Hi James,” she said as brightly as she could manage.


Dangerous Science by Catch A Bird and Yowza

2-page color comic: Woman turns into a curvy, furry, feline pool toy

Bimbo Breast Expansion Butt Expansion

A Giggling Halloween by Bonete and Full Moon Master

24-page color pay-comic: It may be January, but the spirit of Halloween lasts all year. Paje and Victoria are on their way to their friends Halloween party when they encounter their friend Jenn, Unfortunately she is not herself. There going to have quite the Giggle.