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Do-Overs by Joe Six-Pack

19,000-word novella with 18 color illustrations: Evan had a dead-end job and a boss he truly hated. One day, he just vents his frustration, and gets himself fired. Now he’s out of work and running out of money. He wishes he could have a do-over and keeps his job.

Unexpectedly, and in the most strange and peculiar way, he gets what he wants. Not only does he get to live the events of his dismissal over again, and avoid getting fired, but his world is a little different. He’s successful, rich and powerful. It’s everything he ever wanted.

Then Evan finds himself right back where he started, unemployed and poor. He decides it’s worth any risk to try again.

Sure enough, he’s transported into a new life, but this one isn’t what he had in mind. He’s not rich. He’s not powerful. But he doesn’t clearly remember what his old life was. Maybe this is what he wanted all along? He’s not sure.

But he has two more lives to lead after that. Each one a little bit different from the last. But each life is getting more and more feminine. The trouble is, he can’t remember the difference. How much more feminine is he going to get? And how much is he about to lose before he runs out of chances to do-over his mistake?


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