Fictional Creature

YCH: Week 4 – Fantasy Beach Romp by Jakkal and Nothere

5-part color sequence: Woman turns into a unicorn on the beach


Give Them Eyes to See by Malakim

12,000 word short story: Volosasz, a cunning but conflicted displacer-beast gryphon, stalks the surface at the behest of shadowy, ruthless subterranean masters. His latest target, an elven priestess of a surface goddess known as the Pure Lady, proves to be more than he expected after he abducts her for the centerpiece to a dreadful magic ritual.

Animal Breast Expansion

Girl Turns Into Cartoon Bunny by JuuhachiObaa

11 second color animation: Woman slowly turns into an anthro bunny with bigger tits


Wishing Stone by Okayokayokok and Wishful123

3-part color sequence: Boy shrinks younger

Male to Female

Getting Friends by Mental Crash and Nimeyal

14-part color sequence: Two boys unknowingly turn into girls while talking on the phone.

Age Regression My Works

Commission – Strange Dreams by Blankage and The Regressed

The following story was written as a commission. If you would like a commission of your own, please email me at blankage1 [at] gmail [dot] com or message me at Deviantart or Furaffinity

The car thudded onto the gravel road, and Mike’s mom inhaled sharply.

“Easy!” she said. “You’re not driving your ATV.”

Mike was quite aware that he wasn’t driving his ATV, thanks, but he said nothing. Since he’d gotten his learner’s permit, his mom had been pretty hesitant to let him drive, and pissing her off didn’t seem likely to help his plight. So he just sighed and squinted at the light of the setting sun as it filtered through the thick greenery that enveloped the road.

“How much farther?” Mike’s little sister Kinsey asked from the back seat. She’d slept for a good portion of the six hour drive, but now she was awake and restless.

“Almost there!” Mike’s mom said. “Doesn’t this look beautiful?”

The only answer to her question was the sound of the car bumping along the road, raising a giant cloud of dust behind it. Mike regarded the lush plants that blurred by them, and he thought they looked green. He wasn’t sure why that automatically made them beautiful or whatever. Heading out to a ranch in Nowhere, Tennessee hadn’t been his idea of a great spring vacation, but his sister and mother had both disagreed. That was two votes against one as his little sister had annoyingly informed him. Now, easily swinging the car into a gravel parking lot, he wished he was anywhere else.

Bimbo Male to Female

LipThick by Nequ

1,000 word short story:  Man turns into a bimbo on camera

Age Regression Uncategorized

Wendy Wonka and the Fetish Factory – Issue 3: Age Chamber by Okayokayokok and B-ridge

11-page color comic: A boy regresses into a baby and is unborn. His mom then regresses into a girl herself.


  • Detailed, well-executed transformations


  • The case of the missing nipples still hasn’t been solved

5 Stars

Male to Female

Road Battler by Blackshirtboy

20-page color comic: By unlocking the “New Experience” mode on Road Battler, Liam finds he’s granted exactly that as he’s transported into the body of a character from Road Battler!


プッシーモンキー by オセロン

3-part color sequence: Girl(?) turns into an anthro monkey and pees everywhere