Bimbosine by Falyne Varger and Full Moon Master

10-page color comic: Two women turn into bimbos in the back of a limousine.


  • Art looks good
  • High-resolution pages without dialogue is a nice touch


  • Expensive
  • Half-hearted writing with no real context provided
  • Numerous typographical errors


Beyond the Twisting Pass by Blackshirtboy

20-page color comic: The Twisting Pass, a centuries-old dumping ground for magical artifacts. Many are rotted and broken beyond use, however two scavengers will discover that there’s still some magic to be found in the shadow of the mountains.


  • Interesting sci-fi/fantasy setting


  • Transformation could’ve been more detailed


Ganon’s Bitch by Albatross and Reifer

3-part color sequence: Ganon from the Legend of Zelda transforms into a hairy, big-boobed, bimbo with a gigantic dripping cock

Tales from the Crib Keeper #3 by Okayokayokok

20-page color comic: There are 4 stories in this issue:
Model Behavior- 3 page mental regression
Filthy Rich- 6 page mental regression, age regression, breastfed
Secrets of the Superstore- 6 page age(role)play in public, breastfed
What A Wish- 5 page diaper tf, diaper usage.


  • Loads and loads of diapers
  • Plenty of variety in the various stories


  • Writing quality is inconsistent


Shower Room Surprise by Witchking00 and Blankage (Produced by Healthy Fetish)

Preview 120-page color comic: Three high-school boys have been using an air vent to spy on their female classmates as they shower. Little do they know that one of the girls is a powerful sorceress who doesn’t appreciate being disrespected. She casts a spell on the boys that makes them question not only the wisdom of voyeurism, but their their very manhood.


Preview 2Preview 3

Two-Way Trip Issue 1 by Ripper Elite and John Dylena

9-page color comic: But when Katie takes the drug Bimbozol and slips another into the mouth of her boyfriend, she unknowingly starts a series of events that would either strengthen their relationship, or end it