Naomi Hot Spring by Turtlechan and Sephzero

3-page color comic: Woman grows massively buxom and muscular

Project Overman by SaburoX (Produced by Giantess Club)

40-page black and white comic: In the summer of 1943, the remains of a downed USAF reconnaissance squadron were discovered by the United States military. The footage recovered from this squadron revealed the existence of ‘Project Jotunheim’. A sinister plot by the Nazi regime to create a new kind of human superweapon; an impervious giantess capable of untold amounts of destruction, all leading to the ultimate goal of world domination. The Allied war effort seems to be at a loss, until the prospect of fighting fire with fire is brought up…

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Giantess Containment Bureau by MPHC aka Portal Comic and Malenkaya (Produced by Giantess Club)

In a world where giantesses roam free– and singular contact with giantess bodily fluid could lead to infection– Solomon and Uriko work for a government agency known as the Giantess Containment Bureau, or the GCB. It’s their job to track down and capture these feral giantesses in a borderline-apocalyptic world of our potential future.

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